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Why You Should Never Bring Gender Into A Drone-Related Discussion

This past week brought about two incidents that gave me pause. Some people dismissed me as being overly sensitive but
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Getting Started with Drone Service Directories

Earlier this year, I made a major life-changing decision. I decided to move away from California. It wasn't easy. I

Smart Cities Present Risks, Opportunities

Emergent technologies are poised to radically change how we work and live.

Artificial Intelligence Researchers Must Learn Ethics

Scientists who build artificial intelligence and autonomous systems need a strong ethical understanding of the impact their work could have.

Was it Worth Using a Drone to Capture the Solar Eclipse?

I used my drone to capture video of the solar eclipse, but was it worth it? Let's find out.
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Israeli Military Veterans Built a Sniper Drone

In 2015, Israeli Special Forces likely made history by using a sniper rifle mounted on a commercial drone to take out a target.

What I Learned About Drone Photography at the DJI Aerial Photo Academy

Let’s get this over with: I’m not a very skilled photographer. I enjoy taking photos from both the air and

Top Tips for Capturing the 2017 Solar Eclipse with a Drone

Astronomy lovers rejoice! As you already know, this coming Monday, the U.S. will experience its first major solar eclipse in

Ahem. Drone Safety is a Big Deal.

If you are flying near anything that might be called "critical infrastructure," there are probably flight restrictions you should be aware of

How to Transition from a Drone Hobbyist to Commercial Pilot

From the moment I first picked up a drone, in mid-2014, I knew I would somehow find the time, not





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