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Meet Lily, Your Selfie-Snapping Drone Assistant

May 13, 2015
(Credit: Lily)

(Credit: Lily)

The reign of the selfie stick has only just begun, but it’ll soon be time to kiss that archaic tomfoolery goodbye and say hello to Lily, your hovering, selfie-snapping drone assistant.

Lily is a quadcopter that can follow you and document all your adventures in HD video, and she’ll do it all with a smile. There’s no setup required, and you don’t need any piloting experience to deploy Lily; just throw it in the air, and it’ll automatically take flight. The quadcopter is equipped with onboard sensors that detect when it’s in free fall — just remember to charge it. When you’re done with Lily, the drone will gently land in the palm of your hand.

Adventures With Lily

Lily is described as the “world’s first throw-and-shoot camera,” and the quadcopter stays by your side via a puck-shaped tracking device, which also serves as the microphone, that you tuck in your pocket or clamp inside a specialized waterproof wrist container. Lily flies at speeds up to 25 mph and hovers about 5 feet over your head, though it can reach an altitude of 100 feet. Lily automatically syncs video and audio while it films, making it easy to put together jaw-dropping videos. Did we mention it’s also waterproof?

(Credit: Lily)

(Credit: Lily)

Through a fully integrated Android or iOS app, users can tell the drone to film from behind, from the side or in front of the subject, judging by the promotional video.

You can pre-order the quadcopter from the manufacturer’s website now for $499, but it is expected to retail for $999 when it begins shipping around the world in February 2016.

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  • Uncle Al

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  • Captain Slog

    Its the closest thing we’ll ever see to a SEEKER By DARK EYE SECURITIES. I would LOVE to have one of these, but with Proximity Sensors, Dual Capacitor Assisted 60 Second Rapid Charge Aluminium Batteries, Solar Array on the Top, GPS, GPS Tracking, Swarm Technology, Auto HOME Mode, and anything else that will make this the BEST remote in the World.
    As for “Uncle Al” [below] , he sounds like a dangerous idiot. A real SEEKER will soon sort him out!
    Apologies to other readers for what I said, but you were probably thinking similar thoughts.

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  • bwana

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