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10 Instagram Accounts for Awesome Drone Photos

March 6, 2017

Instagram is full of drone photos and video, so it can be overwhelming trying to find the best accounts to follow. Here are 10 Instagram accounts for awesome drone photos (and some drone videos). Prepare to be amazed!

1) @eric.t.ringer ― Eric Ringer

Ringer’s the co-founder of Portland-based Skyward, a commercial drone operations management software company that’s now a part of Verizon, and posts stunning drone photos of the Pacific Northwest. 🌲

This persistent Portland snow makes me long for our adventures around Leavenworth a couple Thanksgivings ago.

A post shared by Eric Ringer (@eric.t.ringer) on

2) @simeonpratt ― Simeon Pratt

A professional cinematographer with years of production experience, Pratt shares photos of his adventures and work.

end of the line . 

A photo posted by Simeon Pratt (@simeonpratt) on

3) @karaemurphy ― Kara Murphy

Murphy never disappoints with her drone shots of the Bay Area (where she’s based) and her travels. If you like your aerial shots with stellar composition and pops of color, check out her feed. (Editor’s note: She also blogs for Drone360. Check out her work.)

A random comment on Facebook about this photo is still my favorite: “Nice bookshelf.” Indeed.

A photo posted by Kara Murphy (@karaemurphy) on

4) @ottocarlin ― Otto Carlin

He likes his drones, Canon, and iPhone. And you’re sure to like his drone shots, which often feature symmetry and the beauty of his country ― Switzerland ― and neighboring locales.

By accident sometimes you discover incredible stuff by flying your drone. While we were at the @riffelhaus close by Riffelberg station, we basically took photographs blindsided, as the sun was shining very bright on our iPads. Nevertheless we spotted later on this incredible snow art by Simon Beck. 

A photo posted by @ottocarlin on

5) @karimiliya ― Karim Iliya

Iliya is a Maui-based underwater and aerial photographer and filmmaker. He’s always good for a jaw-dropping aerial shot, which often feature whales, people, and water (hello, Hawaii).

Goodbye Maui, Heading out to the far east, and up north to the arctic. Here’s one of @mir.randal

A photo posted by Karim Iliya Photography-Aerial (@karimiliya) on

6) @wrenees ― Renee Lusano

Lusano might just be the queen of dronies, but she also takes a wide array of fanciful, well-composed aerial landscape shots. She’s always traveling, flying her drone (its name is Furby), and gathering epic drone photos and videos. Warning: her content causes extreme wanderlust.

#FurbyTheDrone takes on the wind and cliffs in the Azores (🔈Wave Racer)

A video posted by Renee Lusano (@wrenees) on

7) @charlesmostoller ― Charles Mostoller

Mostoller’s a photojournalist, so he serves you drone photos with a side of news (consider this a win-win). Oh, and he was TIME‘s 2015 Instagram photographer to follow for Pennsylvania (where he lives).

Over 100 gravestones were knocked over this weekend in what police consider an act of anti-Semitic vandalism at the Mount Carmel Jewish Cemetery in Philadephia. 

A post shared by Charles Mostoller (@charlesmostoller) on

8) @issabellen ― Isabelle Nyroth

She’s an international drone pilot and aerial photographer currently residing Sweden. And her drone photos of winding roads, icy forests, and azure waters are pretty stellar, to say the least.

Isolation is beautiful. 

A post shared by Isabelle Nyroth (@issabellen) on

9) @unoalto ― Fabrizio Prelato

Prelato delivers a fantastic mix of urban and nature drone shots. As an added bonus, he also has a few shots of dogs romping around — you’re welcome.


A post shared by Fabrizio Prelato (@unoalto) on

10) @airloft ― Airloft

Pretty much all of the drone photos from Airloft will make you question why you don’t live near a beach. And if you do live near a beach, well, they’ll probably be enough for you to pack up your beach tote and head out for some sun, surf, and sand.

See you soon. ✨

A post shared by Airloft (@airloft) on

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Here’s just a sample of awesome drone shots you’ll get if you follow @drone_360 on Instagram! (Left to right, top to bottom: @w.photographeeee@mrchespa@and_vllt_993@jevanleith@mrchespa@keeler.photographic.)

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  • karaemurphy

    Awesome list. Thank you, Lauren!

  • Renee Lusano

    Thank you so much for featuring me 🙂

  • Brian Talbert

    Great shots!

  • SkyRender Media

    Some of the purchases Verizon makes intrigue me. I believe they bought Skyward for the day when solar powered drones can be used for cell phone towers.





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