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This Drone’s Purpose is to Eradicate Dog Poop

March 24, 2017

What happens when a Dutch website for dog-lovers partners with an international drone test center? Groundbreaking innovation, in the form of two heat-seeking poop drones.

Dogdrones_Tinki.nl_dog poop drone_drone dogs_drone360

(Dogdrones/ )

The initiative is aptly named Dogdrones, which was probably a better PR move than any scatological references. The two Dogdrones, Watchdog 1 in the air and Patroldog 1 on the ground, collaborate to identify and exterminate any excrement.

According to the Dogdrones website, the Netherlands is apparently home to about 1.5 million dogs and  “the average dog poops 2-3 times per day and a dog turd has an average weight of 100 grams (.22 pounds).”

At that point, the issue comes down to basic math. A half-pound of poop a day may seem manageable, but once a year has elapsed, that number skyrockets to nearly 185 pounds of poop per dog. You see the problem here.

The company even compiled its data into this Turd Graphic.

Dogdrones_Tinki.nl_dog poop drone_drone dogs_drone360_dog poop infographic


If you’re in the Netherlands and love dogs and/or drones, the Dogdrones initiative is looking for test pilots for the system. “We want to investigate whether a network of enthusiasts and volunteers can address this challenge in the Netherlands,” say the founders of Dogdrones. You can sign up for the initiative here.

Considering the U.S. has roughly 52 times the amount of dogs as the Netherlands (78 million, to be exact), the Dogdrones mission could do extremely well in the states. Imagine a day when people no longer have to say “Is that dog shit on my shoe?” The world would truly be a better place.

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