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Drone Rumors: DJI and Canon

April 7, 2017

We’ve all been taught not to spread rumors, but these drone rumors from DJI and Canon are just too good.

DJI Spark

DJI supposedly has a new pocket drone called the Spark, and pictures of it have been floating around the web for the last week or so. But now there’s a video.

Most commenters describe it as the DJI Mavic’s little brother, but we think it looks more like the Mavic and Yuneec Breeze had a baby. (Don’t ask your parents to explain how that might happen, though.)

Overall, it looks like a scaled-down version of the Mavic, which has lots of exciting implications. If the Spark is stable as the Mavic, it could just be the most capable selfie drone ever. It could also be marketed as a smaller, less expensive photography platform, or even an FPV-capable racer with 4k video.


(YouTube/DJI Spark)

The drone is rumored to weigh less than 250 grams (.55 pounds), which could be exciting for Canadian drone fliers, who are now subject to onerous regulations for any machines over that weight limit.

Now that the world has had a glimpse, it’s up to DJI to deliver on the tantalizing possibilities. Keep in mind that DJI hasn’t made any announcements about the Spark ― Drone360 reached out and a DJI spokesperson declined to comment on the rumors and leaks. However, DJI did trademark Spark back in March.

Canon PD6E2000-AW-CJ1 (Yup)

The newest leaked drone is a completely different beast. Unlike the DJI Spark, which looks to be a pocket drone, this drone appears to be a heavy-duty working drone.

As first reported by Canon Rumors (Does every company have a rumors website? Who wants to launch,  Canon Japan’s website has video of a drone called the PD6E2000-AW-CJ1. While other camera-makers ― like Polaroid, which showed off its drones at CES 2017 ― have manufactured their own drones, it seems Canon opted to outsource. Canon’s supposed drone looks to be a model by Japanese industrial drone maker Prodrone, which Canon invested in back in September.

As you can see in the video, this is a professional grade search-and-rescue drone carrying Canon’s ME20F-SH camera. The impressive and novel part of is that this drone’s camera can see in the dark.

Canon Rumors is suggesting the drone and the camera cost $20,000 each. If rumors are true, then that’s $40,000 for that life-saving combination. According to the report, Canon hopes to sell 5 billion yen worth of drones, or about $4.5 million, by 2020.

Featured image: pixabay/sevk

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