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This Guy Built a Drone Out of LEGO Bricks with His Tinder Date

April 14, 2017

Abhimanyu Ghoshal built a drone out of LEGO bricks and the Flybrix Kit with his Tinder date. He clearly wins at dating — maybe even life. Take notes, because drones might be the true way to people’s hearts.

For those unfamiliar, Tinder is a dating app. Usually dates consist of coffee meetups or late-night drinks — rarely anything as innovative as LEGO-based engineering.

Thankfully, Ghoshal is a reporter for the tech news website The Next Web, so we have a nice run-down of how this all happened. He took a screenshot of his Tinder message where he smoothly brought up a project he’s working on with his match, asked if she was into LEGOs, and the rest is history.

PSA: This isn’t the drone that was built on the drone date. It’s just an example of what you could make with the Flybrix kits and LEGO bricks. (YouTube/Flybrix)

Apparently, the building process was easy and made for some quality bonding time. “Oh, and in case you’re wondering – my companion rated this date a solid 10/10, and we’ve been on a bunch more dates since. I think she likes me,” Ghoshal wrote in his article. Could it be love?

The Flybrix LEGO drone comes in basic and deluxe kits, which include custom motors, a pre-programmed circuit board, LEGO bricks, and LEGO minifigures. What’s really great about this drone is that it’s rebuildable, so when you crash it you can rebuild it! That way, you can recycle the idea for a second and even third date, should your crush still be into you.

Featured image: pixabay/Regenwolke0

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