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5 Takeaways from the New DJI Drone Teaser

May 18, 2017

It’s no secret that drone teaser videos can misrepresent a product’s capabilities. However, DJI is pretty well known for delivering on its technological promises — and in its new teaser trailer, the drone company appears to be promising a lot for its May 24 release.

Let’s break down the teaser to see what we can learn about the new DJI drone.

1) It’s small.

The video opens with a series of shots of people pulling the drone out of bags, proving the drone’s portability. Also, it seems like they don’t really have it in any kind of carrying case. Hopefully this drone can handle being jostled around in a tote for a while. Otherwise, these people are just being careless.

There are other elements of the teaser that emphasize the smallness of the drone. There are multiple shots of the drone flying through tight spaces, and others showing the drone taking off from people’s hands — whether palm-takeoff is an actual feature or just a flashy promotional move is yet to be seen. Maybe it’ll be small enough to qualify as a pocket drone?

2) It’s a personal drone.

This teaser is all about the users. Contrast this new video to the teaser released last year for the DJI Mavic, which focuses much more extensively on the design of the drone itself and its photographic capabilities. This new video highlights people: their reactions, their experiences, and their experiences.

This drone is DJI’s move deeper into the “personal drone” market. While the Mavic can certainly be used as a personal drone, it’s pretty pricy and had a lot of bells and whistles that the average user doesn’t necessarily need.

Not to mention the conclusion of the video, where one of the users exclaims that he needs to get home right away to post the drone footage. I think we all know that feeling.

3) It’s for people who haven’t flown drones before (and don’t know what they’re missing).

The reactions of the users in the video are pretty telling — they go from being confused (“What is that?”) to totally excited about what this drone can do. Like, jumping-up-and-down excited. One of the men in the video goes so far as to say that the drone is “too intense.” I’d guess that guy is not a drone aficionado.

It’s also worth noting that the users in the video are pretty diverse in age, gender, and race. This drone is for the masses — and will probably have a price point to match.

4) You’re not limited to a smartphone app.

Not surprisingly, the new drone is controlled via a smartphone app — pretty typical for personal, portable drones like the Yuneec Breeze and ZeroTech Dobby. However, if this still from the teaser is anything to go off of, it looks like you can still use a controller to fly the new drone.

This may not seem important, but for those who have flown drones with smartphone interfaces, it can get pretty irritating. Having some sticks to fly with is definitely a bonus.

5) The image quality looks pretty good.

A big downside with many small, inexpensive personal drones is that image quality often suffers. However, if the teaser footage is truly captured by the new drone, it looks pretty damn good ― certainly good enough for social media sharing.

The colors and contrast look nice, and the video is stable. It’ll be interesting to see exactly how the camera stacks up against DJI’s other “flying camera” drones, but it seems like this new drone will definitely be able to hold its own against competitors of a similar size and weight.

All of this backs up the speculation that DJI’s much-leaked Spark drone will be formally announced next Wednesday. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about what DJI will bring to the table.

All images: DJI

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  • Thomas P.

    It’s their new “mini-mavic” the Spark, at least that’s what I call it. I wonder what their price point will be for this little drone. I own two Mavics, an Inspire 1 and Inspire 2, so I am excited about the little drone, and if DJI has figured out a way to keep it under .55 lbs no FAA registration required.

    • Yrovi Thomas

      I wonder if it’s under .55 lbs will pilot using it to make money will be required to in the US to get a FAA certificate. I can see a lot of potential for a little drone like that.

      • iTech Video

        Not sure, but given it’s the FAA, I would think they would require a pilots license if you making money. If you need to know more just visit there site and ask, or you can get the answers from the UAS107 app. I used it to study got the FAA cert and it did a really good job in summarizing the FAA requirements. Here’s the link,





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