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Drones You Can Buy at Walmart

May 31, 2017

Seasoned drone pilots might roll their eyes at the title “Drones You Can Buy at Walmart” ― I don’t care. With a website and more than 5,000 stores in the U.S., it’s undeniable that Walmart is one of the most accessible retailers for the average American. Not to mention the fact Walmart has an impressively large selection of drones.

But they’re probably all toy drones, huh? Nope. Sure, Walmart carries toy drones, but it also sells high-quality camera drones like DJI’s line of Phantoms.

The fact that Walmart sells drones is good ― it’s helping expose a massive amount of people to drone tech. And guess what? That likely helps with public perception of drones.

When I searched “drone” on, the search came up with 10,094 results. Because I didn’t believe that all of 9,000 of those results were drones, I immediately clicked over to a random page on the search results. Do you know what I found? Drone decals. That’s right: drone decals. And honestly, it made my heart happy. Why not turn your Phantom 4 into a psychedelic flying object?


Anyways, here are some drones you can buy at Walmart. They range in price, so no matter what you’re looking to spend, you’ll likely find one that suits you.

Mota Jetjat: Nano, Nano-C, and Live-W

I’ve personally flown the Nano-C, and gifted the Nano and Live-W. The Jetjat drones aren’t fancy, but they’re great for beginners and will help even experts practice their flying skills. Remember: Just because a drone like the Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 has automated functions doesn’t mean you don’t need to know how to maneuver a drone. You do.

These Mota Jetjat drones sit at nice price points, ranging between $34 and $63. Browse the Mota Jetjat drones.

Syma X5SW

This drone is a definite improvement upon the JetJat drones listed above, mainly because it’s easier to fly and it’s big enough to comfortably fly outside. Get some extra batteries and practice flying ― even snap some decent photos ― with this quad. Then who knows, you can treat yourself to a big, bad DJI Phantom at some point.

What’s better: you can get this drone for less than $50. Check out the Syma X5SW and other Syma drones here.

Parrot Minidrones

Even though Parrot is currently struggling with its consumer drone sales and expanding its commercial drone business, it makes solid and diverse consumer drones.

There are now 12 different drones in the Parrot Minidrones line, but it appears Walmart only has these: Jumping Race, Airborne Cargo, Airborne Night Blaze, Hydrofoil, Rolling Spider, and Jumping Sumo. The cost of these drones ranges between $59 and $85. This is considerably less than the $99 to $149 advertised on the Parrot website. See the Minidrones here.

PLUS: Read our review of the Airborne Drone SWAT and Jumping Race Drone.

Hubsan H501S

Honestly, I’ve never flown one, but I’ve seen some pretty decent online reviews of the H501S drone. One reviewer says the H501S is easy to fly and has good video and photo quality. On the other hand, you have another person whose Hubsan flew away, never to be seen again ― though, that could be the pilot’s fault.

You can get the Hubsan H501S for as low as $245 at Walmart — those flashy gold accents don’t come cheap. Browse all the available Hubsan drones here.

DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom series

DJI is the largest consumer drone manufacturer, and its drones pack some serious power. Not to mention many of its hobbyist drones can be used for commercial purposes, too.

Drone360’s Assistant Editor Leah Froats wrote a review of the Mavic Pro, which you can read in the May/June 2017 issue of Drone360 magazine. She loved the portability and reliability of the aircraft, and the fact that you can fly pretty much worry free thanks to the Mavic’s obstacle avoidance. However, you should still be able to take over the sticks in case something goes awry.  Walmart offers several options for purchasing the Mavic Pro, from just the quad and controller for $994.99 to combo packs that cost up to $1,500.

DJI discontinued the Phantom 4 drone at the end of April, but you can still get it at Walmart (for how long, who knows) for as low as $998.99. Not bad! Walmart also sells the Phantom 4 Pro, Pro+, and Advanced, which cost slightly more.

Walmart, along with Best Buy and Target, is a DJI Authorized Reseller (I checked with DJI). That means if you purchase a DJI product from Walmart, then the manufacturer’s warranty is valid ― which is good, because you never know what might happen to your drone!

Look at the DJI drones here. Unfortunately, the Spark drone isn’t listed, but since it’s a drone made for the masses it’s only a matter of time until it’s for sale at Walmart.

Just in case you need to return a drone that you buy at Walmart: You must have your receipt and make the return within 15 days of purchase. But hopefully you love your drone, so you won’t have to worry about it. Oh, and Walmart probably won’t take back your drone if you crash it, so study these 10 commandments of controlling your drone.

Note: The availability and prices of these drones are likely to change.

Featured image: Walmart

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