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Why You Should Never Bring Gender Into A Drone-Related Discussion

This past week brought about two incidents that gave me pause. Some people dismissed me as being overly sensitive but
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Getting Started with Drone Service Directories

Earlier this year, I made a major life-changing decision. I decided to move away from California. It wasn't easy. I

Was it Worth Using a Drone to Capture the Solar Eclipse?

I used my drone to capture video of the solar eclipse, but was it worth it? Let's find out.
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Top Tips for Capturing the 2017 Solar Eclipse with a Drone

Astronomy lovers rejoice! As you already know, this coming Monday, the U.S. will experience its first major solar eclipse in

How to Transition from a Drone Hobbyist to Commercial Pilot

From the moment I first picked up a drone, in mid-2014, I knew I would somehow find the time, not

Standing Your Ground, Part 2: Keeping it Classy Online

In my last post, I explored a common issue. Sometimes when you’re out flying a drone, you’ll get approached by a park ranger, police officer, or authority figure who’s not familiar with the laws governing UAVs.

You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Fly (Sometimes)

Well, not literally fight. When it comes to flying your drone, you may find your motives questioned by authority figures.

Don’t Get Detained: How to Make Sure You’re Not Breaking Drone Laws in Other Countries

One of my favorite reasons for flying a drone is to see things from an alternate perspective. I’ve canvassed the

Drones for Future Good: Teaching Kids How to Get Started Today

Recently, my daughter’s Montessori school asked me to teach her kindergarten class about drones. Upon starting my presentation, I was
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5 Ways to Market Your Drone Business for Cheap or Free

The FAA recently released its annual Aerospace Forecast Report for the fiscal years of 2017 through 2037 and the news





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